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You may know me as the mompreneur who loves using socials to share REAL LIFE and BUILD COMMUNITY!

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can we go down memory lane?

In 2017, I purchased my very first home and fell in love with the process. So much in love that I quickly enrolled into real estate school to become a LICENSED agent. 

August of 2018, I PASSED my exam and embarked on a journey that birthed The MWM Team. But get this, my business TRIPLED within only a few years! I attribute a lot of that success to my mom for suggesting I create a true system that works to AVOID BURNOUT.
So there I was, late nights and early mornings month after month working to get organized, put my systems, processes and automations in place all to better run my SMALL but MIGHTY business on autopilot. 
It paid off big time too! I even started to draw the attention of other real estate professionals wanting to talk to me about how I did what I did, which birthed Maximize with Maeghan. I never realized just how much I enjoyed sharing with others things that work and don’t work within business. Maximize University grew and grew! I started coaching and training others on how to truly manage a fast growing business WITHOUT building a MEGA TEAM. My systems, processes and automations granted me so much more of my time back. It was like having a part-time virtual assistant on my team.

Once business continued to grow, I was able to hire a full time coordinator who now manages those amazing systems. This gave me even more freedom to work within my income producing lane and reach even higher levels within my business.
My story is NO DIFFERENT than many others and my mission now is to help as many people as I can do what I was able to do but FASTER. Why reinvent the wheel?
If you want to tap more into MAXIMIZING your biz through my systems, step by step processes and automations then let’s chat. Book a FREE Biz Audit consult today!

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As a serial business owner, I want to share both my wins and losses with you. There is more than enough to go around. I created Maximize with Maeghan, now known as Maximize University, to share as much as I can with as many as I can. From lead generation tips to full blown business set ups. I look forward to seeing you in class and watching your maximize year after year.

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Enrolling in Boomin' Biz Bootcamp was one of the best investments I've made. Learning how to get my processes, systems and automations running smoothly allowed me to focus more on serving my clients and growing my business. I even found the motivation to let go of negativity and get more creative!
- Macey Gore

Wondering if I'm still helping buyers and sellers? The answer is YES!

let the mwm team

move You!

After nearly 5+ years as a Realtor, I bit the bullet and returned to school to get my broker’s license. I’m now the lead Associate Broker for The MWM Team.

We are a team of real estate professionals dedicated to delivering EXTRAORDINARY service to all.

From buying to selling to renting, you will be well-educated and well-equipped throughout your entire real estate transaction!


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